The Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York, a not-for-profit corporation, works to improve the fiscal responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness of the fire district management through education, training and advocacy for commissioners and other fire district officials in the 57 counties outside of the City of New York.

ESIP E-Learning Courses


Members of the Association as well as policyholders of ESIP (Emergency Services Insurance Program ) will have the opportunity to participate in free on-line web base training. The courses offered will be timely and each participant will be able to obtain a certificate of completion. These courses are taught by leading experts in the legal profession and is a convenient way for a member to brush up on a timely topic. The following course are available:

1) AFDSNY: Fire Service Conflict Resolution

2) AFDSNY: Fire District Budget Process

3) AFDSNY: Fire District Election Process

4) AFDSNY: Public Relation and FOI

5) AFDSNY: Purchasing Apparatus

These on line courses are free. Use the link below to access the ESIP E-learning website . Complete the requested registration information and enter 2079 code and take the course(s) you would like. Each is about one hour in length. At the end you can print a certificate. You are able to re-enter a class at any time. When you re-enter, the class will start up at the beginning, but if you take note of what slide you were on when you left, you can use the slide list on the right to return to the point which you left. However, you will not get credit for time spent in a class until you complete the course.

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