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AFDSNY Sponsored Courses

It is important for members and member officers of AFDSNY to know that any alternative commissioner training courses being presented and offered are not an AFDSNY sponsored course.   For further information contact Cathy DeLuca or 800.520.9594

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2024 In-Classroom Training Schedule 
Registration Options:
Commissioner Training -
Certificate Required
 $125 per person
NEW Audit ONLY - No Certificate issued 
$50 per person

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09/07  8:00 am   Allegany Fire Dept. - Allegany Co. 

Cathy DeLuca
Program/Education Coordinator

Webinar Commissioner Training
Cost: $125 - Commissioner Training NYS CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE issued
           $50 - AUDIT only - NO CERTIFICATE issued

Webinar Commissioner training is divided into two (2) three (3) hours sessions (Part "A" & Part "B")
Each three (3) hour session is taught by two (2) attorneys, 90 minutes each.
Registrants will be able to interact with the attorneys in real time.
Registrants will receive both electronic and hard copy versions of all training material
Registrants MUST complete both parts "A" & "B" to earn a certificate of completion

Part A Options
Monday, May 13, 2024, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Part B Options
Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

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Online Training
Cost: $100 per person
Online Commissioner Training Course 
This training is available to both Members and Non-Members. 
Questions or further information call 800-520-9594                    

Members: You Already have a Username & Password
Log In to your "Member Menu" landing page, open "Resources" folder, click "Online Learning", select "Course" to access Commissioner training ($100 credit card payment is required).  Once completed open "Online Learning" click on "Certificate" to print your certificate.
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Non-MembersYou do NOT have a Username & Password
Using the link below, register as an E-Learner (set up your username & password). Return to Home page of the website Log In under "Member Center Login" using your new username & password. You are now on the "Member Menu" landing page, open "Resources" folder, click "Online Learning", select "Course" to access Commissioner Training ($100 credit card payment is required).  Once completed open "Online Learning" click "Certificate" to print your certificate.
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How to Print your Certificate
Select "Member Portal"
Select enter your username and password (if necessary)
You will land on the "Member Menu" page
Select "My Certificates"
Select the PDF icon to the right of the certificate you wish to print

Ref. Chapter IV of Title 2 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York is amended by adding a new Part 153. Every fire commissioner who is elected, reelected, appointed or reappointed shall attend and successfully complete an approved training course within two hundred seventy days of taking office on or after January 22, 2007. A fire commissioner may satisfy this requirement by attending and successfully completing course modules offered by different persons or organizations. A fire commissioner receiving documentation evidencing attendance and successful completion of an approved training course or course module shall retain it until the expiration of his or her term of office during which the documentation was issued, or until he or she vacates the office of fire commissioner prior to the expiration of that term, whichever is sooner.