Targeted Regional Training


Targeted Regional Training allows you to select from our menu of training programs or tell us what you need and we’ll work to design a program just for you at little/no cost!

Each training program runs approximately 90 minutes



A Year in the life of a Fire Commissioner

Is this your first time as a Fire Commissioner? Not sure what happens next? Let us walk you through some of the basics of what to expect.

Policies Every Fire District Must Have

There are 6 major policies that every Fire District MUST have. What are they and do you have them? What other policies are best practice.

Getting the Job Done

Learn the legal and practical responsibilities of a Secretary in a Fire District today and the importance of communication between the        secretary and commissioners.

Treasurer Training

  • Treasurer training 101 includes all the basics of being a treasurer in a Fire District
  • Accounting 101 - Overview of the OSC Requirements
  • Controlling and Managing the Budget

Build Your Own Program

Do you have a specific topic you're interested in? Tell us what you need and we'll work with you to bring that program to you!


HR in the Fire Service

Who’s responsible for your Fire District HR? Let us guide you through the complicated world of HR and best practice in the Fire Service.

Conflict Resolution

Every Fire District has at some point in time had a conflict. Learn common issues to avoid conflict and strategies on how to resolve them when the rear their ugly heads.

Apparatus & Fleet Management

Who manages Your fleet? While apparatus in bigger and more expensive it is vital to have a plan, to know who is responsible for what and what documentation you need to keep.

Secretary Training

  • Secretary training 101 - includes all the basics of being a secretary in a Fire District
  • A Year in the Life of a Fire District Secretary - a month by month review of the Fire District calendar and the responsibilities of the Secretary
  • Meetings - Organizational meeting, regular monthly meetings, Budget hearings, Special meetings. What you need to know.

If you're interested in hosting a TRT program we suggest selecting 2 programs to run back to back for a half day session. Not sure which programs complement each other best? Call us and we'll guide you through the selection process.  
For more information or to discuss scheduling details please contact us at or 800-520-9594