Vol. FF Cancer Disability Benefits Program


Volunteer firefighters are local heroes to the communities they serve. This is why three major fire associations (AFDSNY, FASNY and NYSAFC) have come together with five sponsoring municipal associations (NYSAC, NYCOM, AOT, PERMA, Comp Alliance), to create a program that helps take care of the 110,000 volunteer firefighters and their families.

With the signing of GML 205 – CC, volunteer firefighters throughout NY are now entitled to an enhanced cancer disability benefit insurance program provided by their fire district, department or company.

The information provided in this section represents the best source of information now available and is updated when new information becomes available.


GML Section 205-CC (pdf)


NYS DHS: OFPC - FINAL REGULATIONS  (updated 10-17-2018)

Effective: October 17, 2018  the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services adopted and finalized the following regulations relating to the Volunteer Firefighter Cancer Disability Benefits Program.. The permanent regulations was published on October 16, 2018 through the State Administrative Procedures Act (SAPA). Public comments were accepted through August 19, 2018. However, there were no changes made by the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services following the open comment period. It should be noted that OFPC received only five submitted public comments.

OFPC Final Regulations (pdf)  

Final Rule Report With Responses To Public Comments (pdf)    (DHS comment responses are highlighted in Bold within document)

Final Assessment- No Change to Draft in Final Regulations

"After having assessed and considered all of the above comments received, OFPC has determined that the regulations as proposed are reasonable and necessary to implement the provisions of the law as they provide the process by which a firefighter or beneficiary can file a claim for benefits, a process to appeal from a denial of benefits and establish the proof required to qualify for the benefits. Based upon the foregoing, the proposed regulations are adopted without change."

OFPC Responses To the 5 Comments Submitted (pdf)


OFPC Communication: Volunteer FF Cancer Disability Benefits Letter - December 17, 2018 

OFPC Benefits Letter  (pdf)

Reporting Forms - (click for direct link to OFPC forms page)

OFPC is responsible for compiling and reporting certain information related to the administration of the Volunteer Firefighter Enhanced Cancer Disability Benefits Program. Agencies with volunteer firefighters are required to provide OFPC the following:

- Form EOSB 210.5 Volunteer Firefighter Enhanced Cancer Disability Benefits Program Attestation/ Proof of Benefits form needs to be submitted and received by OFPC before January 1, 2021.   

Form (EOSB-210.5) “Proof of Benefits” for Volunteer Firefighter Cancer Disability Coverage by January 1, 2021 and annually thereafter

(form Due January 1st , 2021)


- Form ESOB 210.4 Certification of Eligibility form is a form the benefit provider shall use as a certification of eligibility form.  This form is to be completed when an eligible volunteer firefighter is making a claim. This certification information is for the insurance company / benefit provider use only. **NOTE** DO NOT SEND THIS FORM TO OFPC

Form (EOSB-210.4) Certification of Eligibility for Interior FF's

Certification of Eligibility     (Form Fill PDF) 12/18/2018


Form (EOSB-210.8c) Fire District, Department or Company Annual Claims Report (Form Due December 1st, 2020)

Fire District, Department or Company Annual Claims Report  (PDF)  (10/19)


Form (EOSB-210.8 R) Annual Roster of Interior Firefighters (Form Due December 1st, 2020)

Annual Roster of Interior Firefighters  (Form Fill PDF)  (7-19)

Annual Roster of Interior Firefighters 
(Excel Format)   (7-19)


Annual Roster of Interior Firefighters reporting form above require that each firefighter have a NYS OFPC Student ID Number. To obtain a roster of members who have previously taken classes the Chief or Training Officer may submit a request to OFPC and the roster will include the members name and ID#.  

A "Student Data Sheet" (EOSB-601) will need to completed to obtain a Student Identification Number for any FF that HAS NOT been assigned an ID. The document below can be submitted online, downloaded / printed and emailed (scanned copy) to: ofpc.training@dhses.ny.gov 

Student Data Sheet for firefighters that have NOT been assigned a NY training ID number

Student Data Sheet (Form Fill PDF - EOSB-601) (6-18)

The Cancer Benefit Program (the Program) sponsored by FASNY, AFDNYS, NYSAFC and NYSAC (The Associations)    Updated 11-11-2018

Question: How do I know if my fire service entity is required to comply with the Law?

Answer: In the most basic terms, if your entity – fire district, department or company - utilizes volunteer firefighters then your fire service entity is        subject to the Law.


New York State Volunteer Firefighter
Cancer Benefit Program
Cancer Protection Designed by Firefighters for Firefighters


The Power of Partnership

Teamwork gets the job done.  That’s the strength behind our Partnership.  We knew early in the process of designing the Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program that its success would come from creating a powerful base of stakeholders from across the state of New York.  And so we came together to build a partnership among the eight largest New York State Associations representing the volunteer fire service and the municipalities it protects.  It is the very best work of New York’s villages, towns, cities, counties, fire chiefs, fire districts, fire departments and fire companies pulling together as a team to support the volunteer fire service in the work it does to protect all of us when we need it most.

The logos at the bottom of these documents represent our dedicated commitment to the success of the Program.  In no other insurance offering will you find such devotion from such a broad group of New Yorkers. The Associations designed the Program to represent the highest quality of benefits reflecting the service excellence they provide to their membership every day. 
That’s teamwork!  That’s how New York gets the job done!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at nysvfb@willistowerswatson.com or our live call center at (833) 678-1585

Check out the Program website: https://www.thehartford.com/resources/gb/ny-firefighters

The Program Overview (pdf)

NYS VF Cancer Benefit Program FAQ's (pdf)  (updated 01-08-2019)

Determining Eligibility - Flow Chart (pdf)

If you are diagnosed with cancer prior to the effective date (pdf)

Lets Get Started - Program Quote Process (pdf)